Is this the real world?

"Hi, how are you?"

Design is a story to tell. And this is mine.

Process is a chewing gum. Damn chewy. And tasteless after you just started to enjoy. Well, where does it all go? A dry spot on the pavement? Anger for the aesthetic eye. Frustration for the ones looking for freshness. I skip the gummy part and long for the core. To really create something that speaks out loud to the relevant audience.

"Too long didn't read?"

– Of course not. Let's make it simple. My art is tough work: to deconstruct the complex. To peel off distraction and find the true message. Give it a voice and – sure thing – an appealing face. Identity. Look and Feel. Design. You catch my drift.

"I am an art director."

And I am kicking in the fields of Corporate Design & Identity.  Storytelling. Concept.  Campaigning. Webdesign. Animation. Illustration. SoMe Strategies. And Graphical Beauty.

In the following you find a selection of projects I been heavily involved in or excecuted with and for a client.

Places I danced
and worked.

I worked for stunning agencies. Always with a different approach and flow. I am thankful for the trust and diverse projects. The won and lost pitches. And the colleagues that pushed me towards new skills and odd ways of thinking.

2013 – 2015
"Art Director Jr."

2015 – 2017
"Art Director"

2017 – 2019
"Art Director"

2019 – 2020

"Web Designer"